Steinberg Cubase Artist 6.5 Win x64

Steinberg Cubase Artist 6.5 Win x64
Steinberg Cubase Artist 6.5 - программа среднего уровня для создания музыки на компьютере. Steinberg Cubase Artist 6 получает множество новых особенностей и улучшений.

Вычисления в формате 32 бита с плавающей точкой и частотой семплирования до 192 кГц, 64 звуковых и 128 MIDI дорожек, различные инструменты для сочинения, записи и редактирования 8 виртуальных музыкальных инструментов с более чем 2000 звуками: HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent ONE, Padshop and Retrologue. 43 звуковых и 18 MIDI VST эффектов, включая коррекцию высоты тона и VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite. Технология AudioWarp для изменения длительности звучания и высоты тона в реальном времени. Профессиональный нотный редактор для печати партитур.
Steinberg Media Technologies today released Cubase 6.5, a significant update to its music production system. With new VST synthesizers, effects and enhancements that boost productivity and extend the feature set of Cubase 6, version 6.5 incorporates everything and more to assist musicians, composers and producers in realizing their creative visions within a professional setting.
The mid-priced Cubase Artist version includes the core technologies and tools that make Cubase indispensable for music production. The updates to Cubase 6.5 and Cubase Artist 6.5 include the same new features and capabilities.
"Version 6.5 nicely complements the features of Cubase and Cubase Artist with new synthesizers, fresh effects and production tool improvements our fellow Cubase users will immediately fall in love with," said Helge Vogt, marketing lead at Steinberg. "Also on board are the long-awaited ReWire 64-bit support, SoundCloud connectivity and FLAC integration. More than that, we've added to the VST Amp Rack, with new effects pedals and artist signature presets that'll give guitarists the fat tone that their guitars deserve," Vogt added.
The virtual analog Retrologue and the granular Padshop synthesizers are two brand-new VST instruments introduced in this update. Retrologue features two oscillators, each with a maximum of eight widely detunable voices, one sub and one noise oscillator, alongside 300 presets and sounds. Padshop features two individual layers in granular textures that are mixed and processed with a dozen high-quality filters, modulation and delay effects. Each layer consists of two LFOs, two ADSR envelopes and one oscillator together with new control parameters for generating up to eight grain-streams, plus 400 quality onboard presets for immediate inspiration.
New effects in Cubase 6.5 and Cubase Artist 6.5 are the DJ-EQ, a powerful three-band EQ with frequency kill switches, and MorphFilter, a filter effect for blending between two of the many low, high and band-pass filters. The latest highlights in VST Amp Rack are the new Maximizer and Limiter stompbox effects, plus 50 classic and signature presets from bands the likes of Accept, Emperor and Meshuggah.

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Год выпуска: 01. 2012
Версия: 6.5
Разработчик: Steinberg
Платформа: Windows 7
Язык интерфейса: английский
Размер архива: 154 Мб.

Steinberg Cubase Artist 6.5 Win x64

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