Celemony Melodyne Studio VST.VST3.RTAS.AAX x86/x64

Celemony Melodyne Studio VST.VST3.RTAS.AAX x86/x64
Celemony Melodyne Studio - студия предлагает Вам все Melodyne функции, как для коррекции, так и творческие приложения на неограниченное число дорожек.

Вы можете редактировать звук и музыкальное содержание ваших записей таким интуитивным способом или сделать такие далеко идущие изменения без других аудио инструментов.
Melodyne 4 studio
The complete Melodyne. Melodyne 4 studio offers you all Melodyne functions for both correction and creative applications on an unlimited number of tracks. You can edit the sound and musical content of your recordings in such an intuitive manner or make such far-reaching changes with no other audio tool.
Melodyne is a software application for OS X or Windows with which you can edit audio in a more musical way than was ever thought possible. In Melodyne, you work with notes – and not with a meaningless wave form. You don’t just see where the music gets louder or quieter but also where notes begin and end and at what pitch they lie.
You can modify each note and thereby influence directly the intonation, phrasing and dynamics – and do this not only with vocals and monophonic instruments but with polyphonic instruments such as pianos and guitars as well.
Working with Melodyne is like being able to say to a vocalist “sing this note a bit longer” or to a pianist “give slightly less weight to the third in this chord” – hours, weeks, even years after the recording session.

Notes and tools
Notes are displayed in Melodyne in the form of "blobs" - the precise path traced by the pitch is indicated by the wavy line. With Melodyne’s tools, you can edit the notes directly and modify all important musical parameters. Just grab the notes, and you’ll find you can adjust their pitch, vibrato, volume, timing and much else besides in a highly intuitive manner.

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Год выпуска: 02. 2016
Разработчик: Celemony
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется(R2R)
Размер архива: 82.4 Мб.

Celemony Melodyne Studio VST.VST3.RTAS.AAX x86/x64


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