Xhun Audio - LittleOne 2.6 VST x86 [2012]

Xhun Audio - LittleOne 2.6 VST x86 [2012]
Xhun Audio - LittleOne

Год выпуска: 2012 | Версия: 2.6 | Разработчик: Xhun Audio | Сайт разработчика: www.xhun-audio.com/site/xhun.php?page=littleone
Разрядность: 32bit / Таблэтка: Вылечено.R2R / Системные требования: программы с поддержкой VSTiXhun Audio LittleOne - эмулятор программного аппаратного аналогового синтезатора Moog Little Phatty. Для получения теплого аналогового звука LittleOne эмулирует каждый компонент оригинального синтезатора Moog (генераторы, фильтры, конверты, LFO и т.д.), сохраненяя оригинальные частотные характеристики и диапазоны частот-
-Analog Modeling simulation of real analog hardware
An all-in-one complete Synthesizer + Sequencer + Trancegate + Rack / FX setup
Analogue Components Emulation. Oscillators, Filters, Lfos (,...) simulate the authentic micro-instability and imperfections of the analogue technology. This feature brings richness, genuineness and depth to the sound
Two aliasing-free Analog Modeled Oscillators featuring Continuous Wave Selection mode between Triangle, Saw, Square, Pulse
A 4-Pole resonant Low Pass filter modeled on the classic Ladder, featuring the original frequency responses, self-oscillation, soft-clipping and overload control
Two 4-Stage (ADSR) Envelope Generators with exponential response
Modulation LFO with the original waveforms and frequency ranges (0.2~500 Hz) including FM possibilities
Monophonic/polyphonic mode, pitch bend ranges, MIDI Channel selector and much more - all accessible from LittleOne LED display
350+ ready-to-use presets covering all styles, from Vintage Analogue to FM, to contemporary cutting-edge Techno/Trance to Psychoacoustic sounds and SFX. Original Little Phatty¹ patches (Stage Edition and Tribute Edition) are included
XSQ16M, a build-in 16-step MIDI sequencer
GATED!, a build-in 16-step Trancegate effect
Two master effects slots with the possibility to choose between Tempo Synced Stereo Delay, Electronic Reverb, Tube Distortion, Flanger, Chorus (more will follow)
Full MIDI CC#s mapping (according to the original LP CC#s specs)
Additional commercial soundbanks/patches available
Supported Sample Rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz-
Xhun Audio - LittleOne 2.6 VST x86 [2012]

Xhun Audio - LittleOne 2.6 VST x86 [2012]

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