IK Multimedia AmpliTube CS 3.15с x86/x64

IK Multimedia AmpliTube CS 3.15с x86/x64
IK Multimedia AmpliTube CS 3.15c – обновление комплекта гитарных усилителей и кабинетов Mesa / Boogie®.

Подключитесь к усилителю Mesa / Boogie®, и он изменит представления о тоне и вашей игре навсегда. Серьезно, это действительно будет. С момента первого плагина в MESA, вы будете испытывать новые уровни отзывчивости, чувствовать нюансы и звук. Вы быстро поймете, почему усилители MESA всегда называют, как "инструменты" ... потому что они есть! IK Multimedia AmpliTube CS 3.15c - гитарные усилители и кабинеты, которые Вы, может быть, так долго искали.
Plug into a MESA/Boogie® amp and it will change your ideas about tone and your playing forever. Seriously, it really will. From the moment you first plug into a MESA, you’ll experience new levels of responsiveness, feel, nuance, and sound and you’ll quickly understand why MESA has always referred to their amplifiers as “Instruments”… because they are!
After experiencing your guitar coupled with the effortless and empowering playability and a new freedom to express emotion through attack and sustain characteristics that seem to read your passion… for most, there is no going back to “an amp”.
It’s hard to put into words the feeling of reward you get when all the hours of practice are suddenly supported and embellished and your playing jumps to a whole new plateau. But it’s REALLY great, and as soon as you plug in, you get it. The instant attack morphs stylistically under your command, the layers or rich harmonics create dimension and the newfound, willing sustain grant you access to the next level in your own development as a player.
The MESA experience will leave a permanent mark on the musical part of your brain and you’ll find you’ re smiling… saying under your breath, “damn this sounds good.” It’s that sound you’ve heard in your head and searched for all your playing life and yet, never attained until now. That’s a Boogie®.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube CS 3.15c x86/x64




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