Ableton Live Suite 9.1.8 x64/x64

Ableton Live Suite 9.1.8 x64/x64
Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.1.8 - обновленная версия виртуальной студии, программного обеспечения для диджеев и музыкантов.

Программа в равной мере подходит, как для студийной работы (режим «Arrangement»), так и для работы в реальном времени(DJ-инг, режим «Session»). В режиме «Arrangement» создание композиции происходит путём создания миди- и аудиоклипов. Режим «Session» позволяет не просто сводить два трека, а создать целую композицию с нуля в режиме реального времени.
Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.1.8 поставляется с более чем 3000 готовых к использованию звуками, которые дают Вам полный спектр винтажных синтезаторов, ударных и сэмплов, акустических инструментов и петель и необходимый набор аудиоэффектов. Онлайн-библиотека включает в себя новые инструменты Instrument Racks и звуки. На борту новый аналоговый компрессор Glue Compressor, разработанный по образцу классического компрессора консоли 80-х годов, что дает возможность получить великолепный звук.
Improvements and feature changes:
Added control surface support for AKAI MPK225, MPK249, MPK261.
- Fixed an issue which caused CPU spikes when moving a MIDI note in a track containing certain Ableton devices with automated parameters while the transport is not playing.
- Fixed CPU overloads and audio artifacts which might occur when moving MIDI notes in the MIDI editor, if the track contained certain third-party VST plug-ins.
- Fixed a bug that caused the active Control Scripts to be loaded again when activating an additional Control Surface. Enabling multiple tracks for recording and then triggering the Session Record button from the APC40 MKII would only record into the currently selected track instead of all armed tracks.
- Fixed a bug which prevented Max for Live devices from grabbing the APC40 Clip Matrix. Manual mappings for the APC40’s Device Bank buttons would not work anymore after pressing the device’s Shift button.
- Fixed an issue on the Mackie Control Pro where the display would not show the parameter's values correctly, after previously enabling the level meters.
- Fixed a graphical glitch which could occur when changing an Arrangement track's vertical zoom level via the Mackie Control or a Max for Live device. Under certain conditions, this could also lead to a crash.
- Importing a Session View clip containing automation for a Max for Live device into another Live Set would create automation breakpoints in the Arrangement View.
- When loop is activated in the Arrangement View, MIDI sustain messages and other CC# messages would not be recorded reliably after the first loop iteration. Live would allocate an unusually high amount of RAM when rendering video with the 64-bit version on OSX.
- When configuring plug-in parameters, some sliders in Live's plug-in panel would not match the position of the respective parameter in the plug-in GUI.
- After installing a newly purchased Pack, Live would show an error message and the Pack couldn’t be used until Live was authorized manually again.
- Text in deactivated clips was not readable with certain skins.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the plug-in window of a UAD Audio Unit by pressing the [ESC] key.
- Fixed a crash which might occur when renaming a Drum Rack pad while triggering another pad.
- Live could crash under certain conditions when running as a ReWire slave and creating a new Live Set without saving the previous Set.
- Under certain circumstances, Live would delete send automation or modulation envelopes from clips when exporting clips or tracks to the browser.
- Additionally, Live could crash when using the undo feature after such an export operation.
Changes for Push:
Certain Max for Live devices which accessed the Push Touch Strip would not work properly.

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Год выпуска: 04. 2015
Версия: 9.1.8
Разработчик: Ableton
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство в комплекте(іо).
Размер архива:1.36 Гб.

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