SonicCouture Clav

SonicCouture Clav
SonicCouture Clav - виртуальное воплощение фанкового клавинета Hohner D6.

Первоначально предназначенный для создания классического звука клавесина, но на самом деле акустически ближе к электрогитаре, чем пианино, его звонкий, энергичный тембр добавляет мелодичное напряжение в грув, как никакой другой инструмент. Для достижения знакового фанкового звука он сопряжен с педалью вау-вау. SonicCouture Clav имеет 31 уровень велосити, новую интеллектуальную round-robin систему, сэмплы релиза и секцию звукоснимателя/предусилителя.
Few instruments get fans of funk grooves drooling like the Hohner D6 clavinet. Originally intended for classical harpsichord-esque duties, but really sonically closer to an electric guitar than a piano, its twangy, spanking timbres add a melodic tension to a groove like nothing else. To achieve the iconic funk sound it is paired with a wah-wah pedal - one of the earliest examples of this was on Up On Cripple Creek by The Band in 1969.
The D6 contained 60 strings that are amplified by two active pickups, one above the strings close to the bridge (Upper Pickup), and one below the strings (Lower Pickup). The instrument is played from a keyboard, which launches little hammers that strike and hold the strings in place. When the hammer is released, the dampers at the end of the string stop the sound. The D6 also has a Mute slider, which brings a felt damper over the resonant part of the strings to create a different timbre and shorter decay time.
Sampling each pickup separately and bypassing the preamp means that the architecture of the Soniccouture Clav is very creatively flexible. As well as routing both pickups into the preamp as on the traditional instrument, it is also possible to have a clean, direct output, and to vary the level and panning of each pickup independently. The traditional Clav rocker switches then control the phase of the pickups.

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