Neocymatics Hybrid Strings

Neocymatics Hybrid Strings
Neocymatics Hybrid Strings - библиотека виртуальных струнных с прекрасным качеством звучания.

Neocymatics Hybrid Strings содержит как соло струнные, так и секции, которые помогут вам достичь высочайшей играбельности и выразительности в реальном времени.
After a long period of detailed research, development and fine-tuning Neocymatics is proud to announce the release of Hybrid Strings, a Kontakt Library that will bring a new perspective to Virtual Strings.
The purpose of Hybrid Strings is to serve as a Solo String Library but also as a Section one. Our aim was to achieve the highest playability and expressiveness possible in real time, with no compromise in quality or diversity.
Hybrid Strings is 3 Libraries in 1, each with its own character and tone:
Studio Strings
Bright, professional sound that fits in the mix out of the box. Your Best Choice for Magnificent Orchestral Scoring.
Live Strings
Lush, warm sound, perfectly suitable for realistic solos, covering almost every music genre from Classical to Ethnic.
Electric Strings
Sharp, imposing sound that will cut through the mix. The alternative approach to Strings' sound, bringing new air to your musical experimentations.

Скачать Neocymatics Hybrid Strings - библиотека сэмплов(Kontakt)

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