Непревзойденные звуки Хаммонда Новэчорда всегда заинтриговывали разработчиков Hollow Sun.

Сделанный из ста клапанов, тысяч конденсаторов - первый в мире многозвуковой синтезатор, размещенный в красивом, кабинете вишневого дерева. Hollow Sun NOVALITE позволяет складывать до четырех слоев, которые могут быть смешаны, настроены, расстроены, сформированы и фильтрованы, чтобы создать новые звуки, невообразимые на оригинале, и каждый слой индивидуально редактируем.
The haunting sounds of the Hammond Novachord have always intrigued us here at HS Towers. Made from over a hundred valves, thousands of capacitors and miles of hand sewn wiring looms and built in 1939, it was several decades ahead of its time ... the world's first polyphonic synthesiser housed in a beautiful, cherrywood cabinet...
And it had a sound all its own.
Its 'Is it an organ or not ... so what is it?" sounds and its creepy tones have graced many an old movie to great effect and indeed, our own Novachord library has been used in many productions including the award winning 'Alan Wake' game scored by Petri Alanko so we thought it might be nice if we did a 'lite' version so that others can enjoy this unique sound. So with the kind permission of the Novachord's owner, Dan Wilson, here it is...
It has just the raw Novachord waveform but has two resonators and a 'Mellow' filter which along with vibrato and and an AHDSR envelope, allows a great range of deliciously antiquated Novachord sounds to be created. But there a twist to Novalite...
It allows you to stack up to four layers which can be mixed, panned, tuned, detuned, shaped and filtered to create new sounds unimaginable on the original and each layer is individually editable.
To round this off, the whole lot feeds into a comprehensive chain of multiFX that includes distortion and cab simulation (to emulate the sound of the Novachord through its own amplification) and chorus, phase shifter, rotary speaker, mono and stereo echo and convolved reverb with a wide range of impulses from massive ambiences to concert halls, rooms and authentic spring reverbs...
* 44.1kHz/24-bit
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine-

- Genuine Hammond Novachord samples
-- From a re-conditioned original
-- Balance, velocity and 'spread' controls
-- Distortion, cab sim, EQ, chorus, phaser, rotary cab, echo
-- Convolved reverb featuring a wide range of impulses
-- Four layers each with...
--- Tuning, level and pan
--- Vibrato
--- Two resonators and 'Mellow' filter
--- AHDSR envelope

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Год выпуска: 08. 2014
Формат: nki, wave
Платформа: Windows
Семплер: Kontakt
Язык интерфейса: английский
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Hollow Sun NOVALITE - библиотека сэмплов(Kontakt)



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