Soundiron Struck Grand v.1.0

Soundiron Struck Grand v.1.0
Soundiron Struck Grand - это необычная коллекция инструментов, которая проникает в глубины искусства злоупотребления фортепиано.

Эта 9 ГБ коллекция открывает все способы звукового исполнения рояля 1926 Steinway Model L. На борту Soundiron Struck Grand более 4000 сэмплов щипковых звуков, заглушенных, гармоники, скольжения, звуки созданные с использованием колотушек, стекла, царапанья, а также потусторонние эффекты.
The Struck Grand is an extraordinary instrument collection that delves deep into the fine art of piano abuse. This 9 GB collection explores all of the ways a 1926 Steinway Model L parlor grand piano can be "played" from the far side of the hammer. You'll find well over 4000 samples of pick plucks, steel hammers, finger mutes, harmonics, slides, mallets, glisses, scrapes and otherworldly sustaining effects over the full note range. This collection shines as equal part stringed/tuned percussion and super-harp/mega-zither with a huge key range and rich, complex musical character.
The Struck Grand features 3 extraordinary new control systems that will unlock new creative and production possibilities. The new "Layer Builder" system let's you easily create an endless variety of unique complex sonic flavors, with total control over up to 12 independent layers of sound. Let us re-invent your whole concept of tuned percussion with the simple turn of a dial. The library also includes a bonus selection of real-world space and FX convolution impulses and ambient drones, tonal pads and evolving soundscapes, all with custom morphing and dual-layer mix control.

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