PlugInGuru MegaMacho Drums 1.5

PlugInGuru MegaMacho Drums 1.5
PlugInGuru MegaMacho Drums 1.5 - 2000 сэмплов ударных, а также MIDI грувы для многочисленных жанров (Techno/Trance/House, EDM, DubStep, Trap, HipHop, Pop, Vintage).

Более 550 MIDI битов с синхронизацией с Вашим хостом, уникальный пользовательский интерфейс, который позволяет редактировать звуки ударных, помогут Вам быстро создать барабанные треки по вкусу.
The Advantages being that it's very easy to load the kits from the Libraries tab, the user interface allows for drum sounds to be edited far deeper and in more powerful ways than just playing samples back AND the new MIDI GROOVE PLAYER allows you to audition the 550+ MIDI file based grooves from WITHIN the interface. You no longer have to go to your computers folders and drag MIDI files in to your sequencer to hear them. The MIDI Groove Player also sync's to your host and has some very powerful parameters that can be automated to make creating dynamic, always changing grooves easy as moving 3 parameters!
This library of MIDI grooves is now at over 500+ Grooves. Most of them are aimed at today's modern dance music styles. There are a ton of killer acoustic drum libraries, not that many killer EDM/Dance drum libraries that cover this many styles in one library and that I think is what ultimately makes MegaMacho Drums soooo cool. You can take Drum n Bass grooves and use them with a Hip Hop drum kit. Exploration and discovering new grooves is what MMD is all about!

PlugInGuru MegaMacho Drums 1.5 - библиотека сэмплов(Kontakt)

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