Ilya Efimov Classic Bass

Ilya Efimov Classic Bass
Ilya Efimov Classic Bass - подробная эмуляция Бас-гитары Fender Precision Bass Guitar`72.

Ilya Efimov Classic Bass - это 12 динамических слоев для каждого извлечения каждой последовательности с различными методами игры и выражением. Различные методы игры позволяет Вам удобно и быстро редактирует Ваше midi или пьесу в в реальном времени. Минимизация использования keyswitches делает инструмент простым и интуитивным для удобного использования.
This library is a detailed emulation of a Fender Precision Bass Guitar`72 release. We recorded 12 dynamic layers for each fret of each string with different playing techniques and articulations.
The playing techniques in one patch: fingered, slap, palm-mute and additional articulations - allow you to conveniently and quickly edit your midi notation or play in real-time. We have minimized the use keyswitches, making the instrument simple and intuitive to use. A sophisticated algorithm to select strings in real time, automatically selects the natural bass guitar left-hand position on the fretboard. Manual string and position selection are also available.
The library’s repetition keys make it easy to play realistic ostinato bass-lines. FX glissando will allow you to introduce new musical “colors” to your bass guitar parts. Multiple legato types are changed automatically, depending on the first note played.Included, are several Legato modes, Open String mode, Chord Detection mode and X-note mode; for the convenience of composers and arrangers!

-2.85 Gb ncw compression format
-3 348 samples, 24 bit, 44.1 KHz
-Up to 12 velocity layers, 20 frets on each string with round-robin algorithm
-FINGERED, SLAP and PALM-MUTE in one patch
-Different natural legato for FINGER, SLAP and PALM-MUTE articulations
-THUMB and POP slap articulation, with Auto and Manual selection
-Auto and Manual String and Position Selection
-Attack control
-Slide-up, Flageolets, X-notes (two modes for x-note performance)
-Repetition keys for X-notes and last articulations
-Realistic glissando note-to-note
-AMP cabinet and Bass tone effects
-Multiple FX and Noises (strokes, fret noises, releases)
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Год выпуска: 11 .2013
Разработчик: Ilya Efimov
Платформа: Windows
Семплер: Kontakt
Формат: nki, nkr, nkc, ncw
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется
Размер архива: 2.85 Гб.

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