112db Big Blue Compressor and Limiter

112db Big Blue Compressor and Limiter
112db Big Blue Compressor and Limiter - высококачественные плагины для обработки звука от 112db Big Blue.

112db Big Blue Compressor and Limiter используют ламповое аналоговое моделирование, что придает звучанию теплоту и объем.
The Big Blue Compressor is a modern compressor with vintage qualities. Although it can sound transparent whenever necessary, it was designed to give character and warmth to your sound. Modern features from the digital world, including a Look Ahead function, are paired with qualities from the analog world, such as the saturation of transients that is typical of tube compressors. Far more than a tool to compress the dynamic range of sound, the Big Blue Compressor gives you unprecedented control over the character of the compression algorithm and the esthetics of the output sound. This enables you to vary from very clean and smooth results to dramatic reshaping of the sound transients.
Big Blue Limiter is a character limiter. It is neither transparent nor intended to be. In fact it adds a little mojo to everything you run through it, if desired even when no limiting is taking place. Big Blue Limiter uses analog tube modelling in its limiting circuitry, which makes any limited warmer and fatter by adding a pleasing amount of coloration. And as if that weren't enough it also features an independent preamp that just loves to be overdriven. Whenever your material lacks character or oomph you will find that Big Blue Limiter is exactly what it takes.

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Год выпуска: 06. 2013
Версия: Compressor v 1.0.1, Limiter v 1.1.1
Разработчик: 112db
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется(R2R)
Размер архива: 15.6 Мб.

112db Big Blue Compressor and Limiter





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