D16 Group LuSH-101 VSTi 1.0 x86/x64

D16 Group LuSH-101 VSTi 1.0 x86/x64
D16 Group LuSH-101 1.0 - виртуальный синтезатор, созданный из модулей, которые могут быть найдены во многих современных действительных синтезаторах, объединенные в единый компактный и логически интуитивный дизайн.

Однако, основная простота, объединенная с многослойной архитектурой, превращает его в удобный в работе и чрезвычайно сильный инструмент, который можно запрограммировать и, не прикладывая усилий, использовать его максимальный потенциал. Многослойная архитектура гарантирует фактически безграничные возможности саунд-дизайна. Звуки могут быть созданы просто, назначая слои на один и тот же канал MIDI или на различные каналы MIDI для multitimbral использования. Назначение слоев к различным клавишным зонам позволит Вам создавать самые сложные звучания. D16 Group LuSH-101 1.0 могут выдвинуть Ваш творческий потенциал к беспрецедентным уровням.
LuSH-101 is a synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuitive design. However, this basic simplicity combined with its multilayer architecture turns it into an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly, almost effortlessly leveraging its maximum potential.
The multilayer architecture guarantees that both the sound design possibilities and number of unique situations in which LuSH-101 can be used are virtually limitless. Layered sounds can be created simply by assigning the layers to the same MIDI channel; the results can sound as massive as anything imaginable! Assigning the layers to different keyboard zones allows you to create even the most sophisticated splits. Of course, you can always assign the various layers to different MIDI channels for 8-part multitimbral usage. And, virtually any combination of splits, layers, and multitimbrality is possible with just a single instance of LuSH. With each layer working as an independent synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters, enhanced arpeggiator, and a palette of only the finest insert effects, LuSH-101 can push your creativity to unprecedented levels!
Want to express yourself even more? In addition to a very sophisticated MIDI-learn implementation, an advanced modulation matrix is built into each layer. Even the Arpeggiator's MIDI output can be used as a modulation source, unleashing your creativity to build complex sequences and progressions.
LuSH also comes complete with a powerful built in mixer, complete with layer-independent parametric equalizers and compressors. Three send effects in superb quality allow you to put the finishing touches on the final output.
LuSH plays perfectly in any genre. For funkier styles, the Gate may be used instead of the VCA for instant staccato sounds full of energy and rhythmic pep. When creating Ambient or Chillout, longer attack and release times along with the smooth, rich spaciousness of the built-in reverb are enough to satisfy even the most ardent purists. Is Dubstep or Drum & Bass more your thing? No problem! Filters modulated by the LFOs and envelopes in conjunction with Unison mode can lead to the sickest, nastiest, and most novel vibrations—your sound system won't know what hit it (and you won't, either), so watch out! No matter what you want to play or how you want to use it, LuSH will get the job done.

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Год выпуска: 10. 2012
Версия: 1.0
Разработчик: D16 Group
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство в комплекте(UNION)
Размер архива: 80.4 Мб

D16 Group LuSH-101 VSTi 1.0 x86/x64



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