Sonokinetic Arpeggio Concert Harp

Sonokinetic Arpeggio Concert Harp
Sonokinetic Arpeggio Concert Harp - концертная арфа для Вашей виртуальной студии - оркестры, музыкальные фразы и гармонические переходы, очаровательные, таинственные и мистические звуки.

Инструмент был записан и оформлен в оболочку типовой библиотеки в максимально возможном качестве. Sonokinetic Arpeggio Concert Harp - большой и современный классический инструмент, разработанный для классической (симфонической) музыки, игры соло или, как часть ансамблей и кинематографических оркестров. Хотя, учитывая музыкальную фантазию, библиотеку Sonokinetic Arpeggio Concert Harp можно использовать в любом жанре.
This instrument speaks to your imagination like no other. The beauty of the tone character is reflected in each composition. It’s enchanting, mysterious and mystical. Each time the concert Harp plays it brings orchestras, musical phrases and harmonic transitions to a creative peak.
The large concert harp is one of our most favourite instruments, and we had this project on the top of our wish list. So be assured we put in our best effort to capture this instrument in a sample library at the highest possible quality, as you have grown to expect from Sonokinetic.
The concert harp is a large and modern classical instrument, designed for classical (symphonic) music or played solo, as part of smaller chamber ensembles, and in cinematic orchestras.
It’s widely used in symphonic cinematic composition from smaller project to the largest imaginable John Williams scores. With a wide harmonic range and diversity in performance styles this instrument is converted into a very flexible, easy to use but diverse sampled instrument. With “Arpeggio” Sonokinetic brings the epic power of the Concert harp to your fingertips with a wide variety of multi layered instruments spanning from portato / staccato played to legato , flageolet, picked, bisbigliando and the highly popular press-de-table. Tempo synced scale runs and glissandi in all major, minor, diminished and pentatonic keys. With an all exclusive “Arpeggio”- only collection of HarpFX patches and a mind blowing user interface this instrument will not let you down. It will inspire you and your productions to reach new heights
Let “Arpeggio” take you and your clients by surprise.
Again Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This is an absolutely giveaway and hard to resist library. We’re proud to release “Arpeggio” and let her spread the inspiration of the Large Concert Harp. We try to push the limit to capture the magic of all music with a wide selection of easy to use symphonic instrumental samples.ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Перед скачиванием больших, разбитых на части архивов
проверяйте все ссылки. Если хоть одну часть архива не удастся скачать,собрать весь архив невозможно.

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Год выпуска: 06. 2012
Версия: 1.0
Формат: nki, nkx, nkc, nkr
Разработчик: Native Instruments
Платформа: Windows
Семплер: Kontakt
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется
Размер архива: 1.86 Гб.

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