Guitar FX BOX v.2.6(плюс описание на русском)

Guitar FX BOX v.2.6(плюс описание на русском)
Guitar FX BOX v.2.6 - программный эффект-процессор для электрогитары.

Guitar FX BOX v.2.6 имеет достаточное количество эффектов, тюнер для настройки гитары, возможность записи под аккомпонимент wav файла и ещё много всего.
Just plug your guitar into the sound card input, start Guitar FX BOX and your guitar will sing and scream. You can apply a wide range of high quality effects to guitar, voice and other inputs. This sound processing program is acting just like a good collection of guitar effects pedals. You can use several of them at the same time, even all if you need so.
Guitar FX BOX does REALLY real-time DSP. Signal is sampled from sound card input, processed and then sent to the output with VERY LOW LATENCY. Unlike many other "real-time" audio programs, I/O delay with Guitar FX BOX is extremely low, virtually undetectable! This is achieved using DirectSound (or WDM streaming) for fast access to the hardware (sound card) and fast DSP algorithms optimized for real-time processing. Through DirectSound, latency is about 20ms with most sound cards, or even less. When WDM streaming driver is used, latency can go as low as 5ms! Nevertheless, exact total i/o latency still depends on hardware/drivers.
Guitar FX BOX is made from the ground up to be easy to use. With user interface intuitive and friendly, this is ultimate application for real-time effects processing. Any program option is just one or two mouse clicks away. Everything is real-time, every slider move results in instant change of produced sound.
Effects settings can be stored to presets for later use. Presets can be easily recalled by single key press, or by MIDI devices like foot controllers.

Main new features in Guitar FX BOX v.2.6:

- WDM streaming support for extremely low latency under win98/Me/2k/XP
- Hardware support for sound cards with emu10k1 based chipsets(SB Live! series, APS,...) may be needed only with win9x/Me and VxD based audio drivers,
- Adjustable sample rate, up to 48KHz,
- Improved effects (stereo chorus, pitch shifter...),
- Tuner can now be configured for different tuning types / instruments,
- More...

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Год выпуска: 2005
Версия: 2.6
Разработчик: Guitar FX Box
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство в комплекте
Размер архива: 2.64 Мб.

Guitar FX BOX v.2.6(плюс описание на русском)

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