AF DyVision Works 6-BC VST 1.2

AF DyVision Works 6-BC VST 1.2
AF DyVision Works 6-BC VST 1.2 - профессиональный шестиполосный стерео компрессор, основанный на аналоговых методах компрессии.

AF DyVision Works 6-BC VST 1.2 работеет, как VST плагин в среде виртуальной студии(Cubase, WaveLab, Sonar и другие).
The DyVision Works 6-BC is a professional stereo 6-band compressor based on analog compression techniques. It runs as a plugin within any VST enabled host application (eg. CuBase, Wavelab etc).
Never heard of 'multiband compression'? Don't worry, what follows is a breakdown of exactly how the 6-BC works as well as what it can do to make your recordings sound professionally mastered with very little effort or experience.
The first stage of the 6-BC is a 6-band frequency splitter. The input signal from the VST host is split into 6 discreet frequency bands - Sub-Bass, Bass, Low-Mid, Mid, High-Mid and High. The width and cutoff frequencies of the 6 bands are configured by simply moving the horizontal sliders.

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Год выпуска: 07. 2006
Версия: 1.2
Разработчик: AF DyVision
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется(NEMESiS)
Размер архива: 2.61 Мб.

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