Abbeyroadplugins EMI Brilliance Pack.VST.RTAS 1.0.6

Abbeyroadplugins EMI Brilliance Pack.VST.RTAS 1.0.6
Abbeyroadplugins EMI Brilliance Pack.VST.RTAS 1.0.6 - подлинные эмуляции EMI RS127 и RS135 EQ, которые были представлены в начале 1960-ых, чтобы добавить эквализацию на легендарные REDD микшерные пульты.

Эти 'presence boxes' использовались на оригинальных записях в Abbey Road, включая почти каждый альбом Битлз. Программные расширения Abbeyroadplugins EMI Brilliance Pack.VST.RTAS 1.0.6 сохраняют все операционные возможности оригинальных аппаратных средств и обеспечивают контроль частот, которые могут улучшить присутствие инструментов при записи, выделяя их в миксе.
The Brilliance Pack provides authentic emulations of the EMI RS127 and RS135 EQ units, which were built in the early 1960s to supplement the EQ on the legendary REDD mixing consoles. These 'presence boxes' were used on countless seminal recordings at Abbey Road during the '60s, including almost every album by The Beatles.
The plug-ins retain the operation and response curves from the original hardware and provide control of frequencies which can improve the presence and definition of recordings and help instruments stand out in a mix. The software is compatible with all popular DAW applications and can be used on mono, stereo and multichannel tracks.
Three plug-in modules are included: the RS127 Rack is modelled on the original rackmount Brilliance Control and the RS135 recreates the 8kHz boost unit. The RS127 Box plug-in was created by modelling the standalone Brilliance Control with an EMI transformer used to connect it to modern consoles. The plug-in features an exaggerated response or 'transformer effect' at some settings, which is due to an interaction between the RS127 and the transformer.

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Год выпуска: 01. 2010
Версия: 1.0.6
Разработчик: Abbey Road Studios
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется(AiR)
Размер архива: 10.9 Мб.

Abbeyroadplugins EMI Brilliance Pack.VST.RTAS 1.0.6

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