Soundlib G-Player x86/x64

Soundlib G-Player x86/x64
Soundlib G-Player - сэмплерный плеер формата GIGA.

Забудьте преобразовывать и импортировать звуковые файлы формата GIGA со случайными результатами. Сэкономьте время и дисковое пространство. Soundlib G-Player играет все Ваши звуковые библиотеки Gigastudio ™ без какого-любо преобразования. Soundlib G-Player был разработан, чтобы загружать и воспроизводить большое колличество звуковых оркестровых библиотек, поддержек, измерений, keyswitches и многослойных инструментов.
Forget converting and importing with random results. Save time and disk space. G-Player plays all your Gigastudio™ sound libraries
without any conversion. G-Player was designed to play the large orchestral sound libraries and supports disk streaming, dimensions, keyswitches and layered instruments.
Lost in translation
In a Gigastudio™ file, every sample zone has its own envelopes and parameters, this is usually lost when the file is converted to another sampler format that needs to group zones with similar parameters. Not with G-Player. G-Player plays all the samples with the finest level of detail.
Best Gigastudio™ player
G-Player was created to emulate the Gigastudio™ sound as close as possible. When other samplers can only improve their Gigastudio™ file import, we work directly on the audio engine until we get a perfect result. For example, G-Player is the only sampler that emulates the 3 velocity curves of Gigastudio™ (linear, non-linear and special).
G-Player is optimized for the Gigastudio™ format and is very efficient in memory and CPU usage. G-Player can play and stream the compressed and accelerated samples which results in less hard disk activity than any another conversion based solution.
Easy editing
The most commonly used sample parameters are directly accessible on the main window. For example, you can decrease or increase the release time
of all the samples with just one knob.
Multi-Layer crossfade
G-Player can play layered instruments with up to 8 layers of crossfade. Each layer's crossfade is defined by 4 points which precisely determine the fade in and fade out segments. This feature is used by the most prestigious Gigastudio™ sound libraries and is natively supported by G-Player.
- No conversion required
- Does not require a GSIF audio card
- Runs on Mac OSX 10.4 and later
- Runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bits)
- Stand-alone version
- Plug-in version on Mac OS X : VST, AudioUnit and RTAS
- Plug-in version on Windows : VST
- Memory and CPU efficient
- Easy parameter editing
- Buit in Gigastudio™ file browser
- Favorite menu creation for faster file access
- Stacking mode
- Includes the G-Solo plug-in.

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Год выпуска: 03. 2012
Разработчик: SoundLib
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется(ASSiGN)
Размер архива: 6.96 Мб.

Soundlib G-Player x86/x64