Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection
Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection - клавишная коллекция представляет акустические Фортепьяно в классическом, джазе и популярных стилях.

Выбором известного "suitcase-style" представлены электрические фортепьяно от наиболее известных изготовителей этих инструментов.
Богатство Clavinets, Electric Organ и синтетических басовых звуков дополняет современную часть коллекции. Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection - это и традиционные клавишные инструменты, включая церковные органы, аккордеон, челеста, вибрафон, Music box и ксилофон. Наконец, обширная секция клавесина завершает собрание клавишных инструментов Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection.
The Keyboards Collection features acoustic Pianos in classical, jazz and pop styles, and alternative sounds like Honky-Tonk and Detuned. It also featured a best-of selection of famous “suitcase-style” electric pianos from the most respected manufacturers of these bygone instruments. A wealth of Clavinets, Electric Organs and Synth-based keyboard sounds complete the modern part of the collection. Featured traditional keyboard instruments include Church Organs, Accordion, Celesta, Vibraphone, Music box & Xylophone. Finally, an extensive Harpsichord section benefits from the new “Release Trigger” feature that allows realistic recreation of this difficult instrument.
Keyboard instruments may seem simple to reproduce in a library, but that’s only true when you let presets take hundreds of megabytes, and it doesn’t automatically make the sounds better. Most users don’t have that much RAM to devote to their sounds, or don’t want to wait endlessly for a sequence to load. Enter Plugsound: the sound design team worked really hard and went out of their way to ensure that all instruments use the amount of RAM they need, and no more. Why create a 200 MB Piano if you can achieve a better sound with 96 MB? In return, this extra work allowed the team to include more sounds in the 650 MB sample library, and make sure that this collection is as complete as it can ever be.
Features Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection.
The plug-in:
Identical in every volume of the series, the Plug-in is a sample-playback virtual instrument powered by the powerful UVI-Engine. Plugsound provides you with essential and useful synthesis tools: resonant filters, Amplitude and Filter envelopes (ADSR type); LFO, the most realistic mono-legato you’ve heard on a virtual synth, Reverb’ module...
The sound library:
Each volume comes with a “data file” full of multisampled presets that are easily accessed through the interface of the plug-in. There is enough space to offer the most in-depth exploration of a given instrument that a tone module has ever done. It evens beats most professional CDROM, limited by archaic formatting conventions which leave only 200-300 megabytes per disc… No mess on your hard drive, just those two files.ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Перед скачиванием больших, разбитых на части архивов
проверяйте все ссылки. Если хоть одну часть архива не удастся скачать,
собрать весь архив невозможно.

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Разработчик: Ultimate Sound Bank
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство в комплекте(Talio)
Размер архива: 565 Мб

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Vol.01 Keyboards Collection

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