Hollow Sun Yamaha FS1R Collection

Hollow Sun Yamaha FS1R Collection
Hollow Sun Yamaha FS1R Collection - звуковая коллекция Yamaha FS1R для Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hollow Sun Yamaha FS1R Collection - всесторонняя коллекция выдающихся сэмпловых образцов, которые покрывают гамму пышных последовательностей, sparkiling электрические фортепьяно, остроконечный clavs и басы, звучные колокола, циркулирующие органы и выдающиеся составные коллекции - экспансивные, просторные подкладки, которые являются действительно вне этого мира.
It was a surprise then when, in 1998, Yamaha released their FS1R.
Here was a new, 32-voice FM synth module with not a sample in sight! But this wasn't '80s FM - this was FM on steroids with more operators, more algorithms, new 'formant' operators, multi-mode resonant filters and multi-effects.
It was also a surprise when, with over a thousand almost uniformly stunning on-board sounds, the FS1R was not a commercial success and it sank pretty much without trace just a few years later. The FS1R's collapse in the market has largely been attributed to its impenetrable user interface but the polyphony wasn't generous (and halved if you used certain filter types) and it was a difficult concept for many to understand. The 1U rack mount form factor probably didn't help either and its fortunes might have been different had Yamaha released it as a keyboard with more knobbage and a larger, better screen. We will never know.
That said, an FS1R will fetch good money on eBay today and are much sought after and not without good reason - it can make THE most astonishing sounds. Even if you never hit the EDIT button and use it solely for its presets, there's a wealth of fabulous noises to be had, many of which are captured here.
In collaboration with Dutch FS1R owner, Martijn Buiter, I have a comprehensive collection of outstanding samples that cover the gamut of lush strings, sparkiling electric pianos, spiky clavs and basses, sonorous bells, swirling organs and the high spot of the collection - the expansive, spacious pads which are truly out of this world.
But these are not your typical two-a-penny FM sounds - this is FM with attitude! If you have ever fancied an FS1R but can't stump up the sometimes hefty eBay prices (or are intimidated by the programming), here's an opportunity to dip your toe in the water with this comprehensive collection of FM sounds, old and new with an easy to use UI for quick and easy tweaking.
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Год выпуска: 12. 2010
Формат: nki, wave
Платформа: Windows
Семплер: Kontakt
Язык интерфейса: английский
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