Industrial Strength Records Audio Injection FM-8

Industrial Strength Records Audio Injection FM-8
Industrial Strength Records Audio Injection FM-8 является первой коллекцией пресетов Audio Injection's для Native Instruments FM-8.

Этот экспансивный звуковой набор содержит интересную смесь звуков барабана, охватывая снижения, удары техно и убивание низких звуков, которые Вы можете создать и сломать в любом современном производстве техно.
Эта коллекция патчей показывает цифровые структуры теплых электронных звуков. Native Instruments FM-8 является эмуляцией Yamaha TX81Z, который был единственным монтажом в стойке, состоявшим из 3 Yamaha DX7s. Этот классический цифровой синтезатор изменил музыку навсегда. Native Instruments FM-8 идет путем вне оригинальных единиц аппаратных средств, чтобы дать Вам современные завихрения на старой классике.
Audio Injection FM-8' is Audio Injection's first patch collection for Native Instrument's FM-8. This expansive sound set contains an interesting blend of drum sounds, sweeping drops, Techno stabs and a slew of deep sounds which you can build up and break down in any modern Techno production.
This patch collection features very digital textures, whilst also keeping the sounds warm and very electronic. The FM-8 is an emulation of the Yamaha TX81Z, which was a single unit rack mount comprised of 3 Yamaha DX7s. This classic digital synth changed music forever. The FM-8 goes way beyond the original hardware units to give you a modern twist on old classic.
Audio injection has produced a fabulous pack that will add texture and dark underground sounds to your electronic music production. 'Audio Injection FM-8' can also be great in House, Electro and Minimal House genres.
Everything you hear in the demo is in the pack, even the drums and loops are presets. Each preset can be modified to meet the needs of your musical composition or production in no time flat.
The preset loops can be played in any tempo and they are ready for you to tweak them to the next level. As an added bonus, the FM-8 features 10 additional sweeping effect presets from ISR's 'Sweep' pack to give extra relief or tension in your build up or breakdown.

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Industrial Strength Records Audio Injection FM-8

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