D16 Group Nepheton v.1.4.5 VSTi

D16 Group Nepheton v.1.4.5 VSTi
D16 Group Nepheton v.1.4.5 - виртуальная драм-машина.

D16 Group Nepheton v.1.4.5 - эмуляция классической драм-машины Roland TR-808, берущих ее звук со всеми оригинальными функциями и многими дополнительными функциями.
Full features:
- 17 fully synthesized instruments.
- Perfectly scaled knob ranges.
- Enhanced control of instruments' sounds.
- Dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs.
- User defined output configuration.
- Mute/solo for each instrument (affect triggering not just the signal).
- Fully controllable via MIDI CC.
- Quick MIDI CC assignation with MIDI Learn function.
- Many ways of controlling the device:
- External mode (note mode):
- User defined MIDI map (default set equal to General MIDI).
- MIDI tune and velocity controls instruments' levels and tunes.
- Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 3 sub modes:
- 16 patterns (12 basic rhythms and 4 intros/fill ins.
- Pattern contains up to 4 segments (up to 16 steps per segment).
- Each segment can be defined with one of four available measures.
- Each step can be defined normal or accented.
- Shuffle mode.
- Tap mode.
- Chain mode.
- Shuffle defined per pattern part.
- Scale function and intelligent Rescale (automatically stretches pattern to the chosen measure).
- Built in Randomizer (selection of instruments to random, steps to be affected, frequency of the randomized notes and more).
- Patterns import/export via human readable xml files.
- Two modes of synchronization:
- Precise synchronization to the host tempo.
- Synchronization to internal clock - tempo controlled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1).
- Built-in preset manager.

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Год выпуска: 2011
Версия: 1.4.5
Разработчик: D16 Group
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство в комплекте(AiR)
Размер архива: 9.23 Мб.

D16 Group Nepheton v.1.4.5 VSTi




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